14 Dec 2015

still hooked

Hey everyone (or none)
it´s me mulle!

i realized that in the last months i changed a lot...
Not in a bad way, i´d rather say that it was a positive change, because i can finally say that i found what/who i want to be.
From age 1 to 12 i was who i wanted to be, but after these years,
I was always trying to fit in and wore what everyone was wearing plus have the same hairstyle everyone had...

i finally realized that it´s not about how many people like you or how boys look at you, it´s about how you feel and you all should express that.

I want my future-self to always remember that.
My "new" style is something like this:
  • baggy
  • sporty
  • 90th
  • simple
  • "earth" colors
  • boyish

My future hairstyle:
Krysten Ritter :)

Don´t forget that i´m not that desperate to change just to be the one peaking out of
this mass of "hollister-nike-vs-h&m-canadagoose"- girls.

love you, 

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