24 Nov 2013

Week in Photos 8#

 Dear Friend,
This week was awesome,
but i didn´t take that much photos
so now you will see some photos i took about 2 weeks ago as well.

 This is our new cat , his name is Pikonant.
Because my sister had an imaginary friend called Pikonant when she was 5 years old.
 I finally made new charms.
 I drew Sherlock and Watson from the TV series.

 This is my IPad , i got it after the summer hollydays but i think i didn´t show it . 
 My new/old watch.

Nacht des wissens means - Night if the knowledge 
and at that night you can visit hospitals or art-universities etc. and learn how to operate or something like that.


i have glasses , but sometimes i don´t really like them.
So i looked around ebay and found these nice ones.
 I also discovered romwe
they have soooo nice things:

I love jason isaacs 

Love always,

21 Oct 2013


Dear Friend,
today i really want to show you how to do this:
 I think its a good idea.
 You will need:
Acrylic Paint
and the thing you want to decorate.

cut out triangles like i did

NOOOW its time for the paint.

 Let it dry for about an hour
and then remove the tape.

And you´re done !
Thanks for reading , comments are always welcome .
Love Always,

19 Oct 2013

Week in Photos 7#

Dear Friend,
i think that i should post a "Week in Photos"-post
even when these Photos are a bit older.
i took the Photos about 2 Weeks ago...
but i hope you enjoy this anyways.

 This little Hedgehog (sorry don´t know how to write this)
was right next to the road , a dangerous place for hedgehogs,
so mum took him to our garden .
And now he feels alright. 
 What is That? you may ask.
little creatures from mars :)
Its autumn yaaayy..
Love always,

21 Sep 2013

A Weekend with Malina

Dear Friend,
The Weekend with Malina is a while ago , but she asked me to post a post about it .
So here it is, hope you like it .
We were in Lübeck and ate icecream :)
we also got some stuff from TKMaxx

and here are Malinas & Linneas OOTD´s :)

This is my sister(left) and me(right) she has long hair and it was easy for her to make these 
Sideways ponytails , it wasn't that easy with my hair :)

Love always

30 Jun 2013

Week in Photos 6#

Dear Friend,
this week was a bit boooring 
it was raining all the time and my friends 
where all in in america or italy or france or england.
Soo... my mum , my sister and i went to the kieler-woche .
My Dad was doing a rallye with his friend , he came back 
yesterday and he gave me the coke with my name on .
We made this awesome dessert 

 This is the Kieler-woche 
(right after it stopped raining )
My own coke .
I don´t think i want to drink it :)

love always,

21 Jun 2013

My Room 2013

Dear friend,
here is my room :

If you have any questions , feel free to leave a comment
love always,