31 Oct 2012

OOTD: Red Hair

hey ya .
I have some OOTD´s for you ...
I was wearing them this week in school
but now the weather got colder .

watch - i have no idea :)
jumper - TK Maxx
skirt - H & M


 i made the deathly hallows one myself 
and my sister made the potion one.

pants - H & M
jumper - sister sleep wear 


velvet leggings - bik bok 
jumper- mum
hair clip - childhood

i hope you can tell ...
but my hair is red now , what do you think ?

have an amazing halloween !

The photos aren´t that nice and high quality ,
and i did not edited them in any way .
SORRY for some writing mistakes .

27 Oct 2012

Rookie Yearbook One

I told you that i got the 
I was soooo sooo happy about it 
because it is so inspiring .
It is a bit expensive but there are 
many photos inside and a 
crown , stickers & a flexi disc 
with music by supercute!
So i think the price is good...

i like triangles
some photos of me celebrating this amazing day!
oh ya ... i am ill , a whole week now
so i might look not so fresh ;P
have a nice day 
i´m going to add more photos of the ROOKIE YEARBOOK ONE
soon !

24 Oct 2012

My walkman

hey !
I always wanted a walkman 
(i dont know if you call them walkman too,it is a cassette player)
and one day i asked my mum where to get one of them ,
and she told me that she have one .... yay
so she give it to me .
My dad had a lot of old cassetts and now i´m listening to them all the time.

the music is by my dads band !
look @ this GIF animation i did .
 Don´t worry the DIY diary video will come soon ,
i have to upload it on youtube because its too long !

have a nice day 
and sorry for some writing mistakes 

i got the rookie yearbook one yesterday 
but i will post a post about that soon :)

20 Oct 2012

OOTD: Lazy Friday

hey !
this is what i was wearing on friday  (yesterday)
it is really simple cuz i was lazy that day !

-JUMPER - mums
- leggings - NewYorker-
my hair is still curly

fridays eye-makeup

have a nice day

16 Oct 2012

OOTD: Curly Hair

hey ! 
This is what i was wearing in school

 i braided my hair over night ,
i like that curly look
 DIY :
normal tights and glitterstones
just glue them on 

 body chain from NewYorker (6,95€)
 my new everyday eye make-up 
H&M highwaisted shorts SALE (10€)

have a nice day 
comments are welcome :)

ps. i hate my camera

10 Oct 2012

How to make a Diary

hheeheheh draco :)

you can use my korean writing too 

there will be a video DIY soon !

have a nice day 

i can follow you ! Just tell me and i will check you out :)