12 Nov 2012

OOTD: Really long Dress

hello !
I was wearing this a long time ago,
but i forgot that i took photos .
Now i found them ,
here they are 

dress- i dont know
sweater-urban outfitters
earrings- accessorize 

have a really nice day/night


sorry for some writing mistakes 

6 Nov 2012

juria and more

helloooo dear :)
whatz up ? 

I was just looking trough a lot of blogs and
then my sister told me about Jurias blog.

OMG i loove her hair color .

i really want to wear more earrings but my mum is thinking that my ears are too small for more :(

i love her tights 

 look at the store behind her !
wowowoowowo so much nice tights .

ok thats it , thanks for reading .
comments are welcome 

have a really nice day
sorry for some writing mistakes !

1 Nov 2012


happy halloween ...
I told you that i won´t go out and get sweets yesterday .
BUT i had time to do that :)
 some pumpkins 

my mum bought a lot of sweets but no one 
came to our house !
I have not really an idea why but it is maybe because 
people get older and older and get no new babys.
i know that from the radio :)

 i was wearing a long green velvet dress
which i found in mums "material to sew with"-box.
 and thats my lovely twin sister.

my skull make-up :)

have a nice day 
and don´t eat to much sweets !

sorry for some writing mistakes