2 May 2013

Week in Photos 5# + a tiny room tour

Dear friend,
I must say good-bye for 12 days... i think.
2day i had to do a test for my driving licence 
and i failed ,but it isn´t expensive to try it again
which is good.

 on sunday we made chocolate covered marzipan 
and it was really nice .
Our friend Malina visited us on friday-saturday & sunday 
because she slept at our house :)
 We ate ice-creme and a nutela crepe and cotton candy or candy floss , however you want to call it .
 This is Mums bike !
 I found this man wearing shorts even when it is cold outside ,
my sister linnea said : "That is street style".
 ^^ For mallorca ^^
 A little bit of my room for you 
but a room tour will come when i´m back from mallorca.

 mum gave me this camera and i made that head at the baltic sea from clay there .
 That is the book i´m reading right now 
and i must say that the film is good but the book is better .
I hope you have a good week 

love always,

ps. please check out Malina´s Blog