25 Apr 2013

Charlie´s Playlist

Dear Friend,

did i tell you that i´m reading the perks of being a wallflower ?
If i didn´t you know it now.
I found a list of music for patrick´s mixtape ,
and here it is:

asleep - the smiths
vapour trail - ride
scarborough fair - simon & procol harum
time of no reply - nick drake
dear prudence - the beatles
gypsy - suzanne vega
nights in white satin - the moody blues
daydream - smashing pumpkins
dusk - genesis
MLK - U2
blackbird - the beatles
landslide - fleetwood mac

Please tell me if you know the songs and do you like them?

Now i have discovered mia farrow 
because i saw a photo on tavi gevinsons blog
i don´t really know who she is but i adore her hair cut .

thank you for your time 
love always,

ps. hello to malina again !
i´m so excited for the baby food challenge.

18 Apr 2013

Week in Photos 4#

Hello everyone! 
Today i will try to tell you about my 
last week , or my last 2 or 3 weeks :)

And also i´m going to write a bit more than usual because i think my posts are a little bit boring right now.             So let´s begin .
i took this photo long ago ,but i just wanted to tell you that there was still some snow in germany ( where i live)
last week.

But i went outside anyways and drew some things in my diary and in my "bursting with BIG fantastic LOVELY brilliant NOTES"
notebook... i think i will show some drawing later!

We went to hamburg city because it was "glamour shopping week"
(glamour is a magazine and it was doing a shopping week , you just needed the card that was included and you got up to 50% off)
I got some nice clothing and clay for crafting.
My sister Linnea bought some copic markers 
because she really enjoyed drawing since she got 
markers for easter .

In the city i had the yummmiest strawberry icecream in the world.
And after that my mom really wanted to drink coffee and my sister got her some.
And i found chocolate muffins :)

 I like balloons and i wanted one ... but they weren´t giving them away.

This is what i got at the shopping week and the photos underneath 
are just a closer look at them .

i hope i did not write so much wrong 
and hello to malina if you are reading ...
i hope you do your blog soon

i also started reading "the perks of beeing a wallflower"
because i got the film on easter.

love always, 

4 Apr 2013


I love this store named tiger...
I found one in Sweden - Karlskrona ,
Germany - Lübeck & Hamburg.
Everything is really cheap and nice :)

 I got a lot of things for my new room here !

Thank you for reading !
I will do a Week in Photos soon.