27 Sep 2012


hello !
I got home yesterday ...
Here are some pics i really love 

my version:

 nice glasses 

who drew that ? 

comments are welcome 

have a nice day 

16 Sep 2012

Always inspired + new Video

heelllo !
i told you : "I won´t post thing for 3 weeks" but i got home for 1 day .
I want to share my favorit pics with you :)

i got most of the photos @

if you are on one of the photos and don´t want me to post it .
please comment or write me an e-mail:
and i will remove it !
And please check out my new charm update.

thanks for reading and maybe following :)
have a nice day 

8 Sep 2012

My Room 2012

someone out there to read this ?
ehhhee.. i just can´t wait to get more feedback & comments :)
I wanted to show you my room so here is a drawing & photos .

                         window view

 Ok thats it !
realized that the quality is better now ?
Its my sisters cam 

thanks for reading !
I will be away for 3 weeks because i have to visit a farm
for a school project ;(
see ya after that ...
and please ignore my writing mistakes.

have a nice day