2 Nov 2014


Dear Friend,
I was in mallorca this fall
and here are some photos i took.
Sorry for not writing that much, but i don´t have much time.
I mean i like blogging a lot, i would have stopped posting if i didm´t like it.
I hope I can be more active on here soon 

 On day we went to a marked in Santani where they sold hand-crafted Plates and also jewelry .
 We got some Churros there.. they are delicious :)
 These photos were taken in palma.

 It was a really sunny day and we saw a lot of the old palma.
(cute little streets and houses etc.)
 We also went to this Burgershop called "Captain Burger" or so.
I got the Chicken Sandwich and i didm´t expected it to be that much .

 We drove to the "cap des salines" and there are a lot of stones that people have stacked up high.
 I also had this Danio yoghurt and it seriously was the best yoghurt i ever had.
Unfortunatley i can´t find it in germany.

 These photos were taken in Sollere
 I got this yummy Banana Crepe.
Thanks for reading
love always,

4 Aug 2014

Summer in Sweden

Hello Friend,
i was in sweden, the last 3 weeks and it was amazing.
The wether was great and me and my sister went swimming
every day.

 Our cat enjoyed sweden as much as we did.

This is a Chicken Burger me and my sister made one day.
No more McDonalds... just kid din´:P

 We were invited to a Birthday-Party of our 70 years old neighbors.

 On one sunday, i made pancakes and we had fresh strawberries with them... perfect.
We also went to Ikea because we wanted a new bed.
So why not have a brunch.

 There is one store in karlskrona that sells "the best" ice cream...
they also make the biggest scoops and bake the waffles them selfs.
I got these tapes at the TIGER store in karlskrona.

We went blueberry picking (is that how you say it?) 

This is the HIGHTLIGHT of our trip to sweden this year.
The Harry Potter Exhibition in Norrköping .

Love always,

29 May 2014

Just some Photos

Hello everyone,
i still don´t have much time to take proper photos
of outfits etc, but here are some old
one i took a while ago.

I always wanted a ballon like this, and now i finally got one.
Thanks you mum for paying 6€ for this Zebra :) 

I started reading this comic and it is just too cute.

I baked this bread on easter and because it was so delicious i decided to bake it again.

I hope you don´t get bored of my posts,
but i promise i´m trying to take time and prepare outfits or something.

love always,

23 Mar 2014


Dear Friend,
i have no time to post outfits or DIY ´s which i think is sad,
but i took photos of our "Kanelbulle" - Baking
and thats better than nothing.
I also realized that i post a lot of food recently :)

 i think they turned out PERFECT,
i mean they look like out of a cookbook.
Hope you liked these photos,
i will try taking more photos with my canon so i can post a bit more.
Love Always,

8 Feb 2014

We ❤️ it

Dear Friend, 
I hav'nt posted something in a while, 
so i decided to post some nice photos i found and liked on We ❤️ It.
I just realized, that all the photos are black and white. Cool.

Love Always, 

19 Jan 2014

LookBook 1# feat. Disco Pants

i am drawing a lot in my Model Sketch Book,
which i got from Urban Outfitters.
So i decided why not draw the Outfits i wear and post a LookBook.

 Outfit 1#
normal everyday wear
  • Disco Pants-H&M
  • Cardigan-NewYorker
  • Shirt-H&m

please ignore that face.

Outfit 2#
grey Jumper
  • Jumper-gina tricot
  • Disco Pants-H&M

 Outfit 3#
a big black dress
  • Dress-Monki
  • Tights-H&M

i was wearing these shoes with every Outfit, because its winter.

Please remember that this was my first LookBook and i know its not the best.
Love always,