2 Nov 2014


Dear Friend,
I was in mallorca this fall
and here are some photos i took.
Sorry for not writing that much, but i don´t have much time.
I mean i like blogging a lot, i would have stopped posting if i didm´t like it.
I hope I can be more active on here soon 

 On day we went to a marked in Santani where they sold hand-crafted Plates and also jewelry .
 We got some Churros there.. they are delicious :)
 These photos were taken in palma.

 It was a really sunny day and we saw a lot of the old palma.
(cute little streets and houses etc.)
 We also went to this Burgershop called "Captain Burger" or so.
I got the Chicken Sandwich and i didm´t expected it to be that much .

 We drove to the "cap des salines" and there are a lot of stones that people have stacked up high.
 I also had this Danio yoghurt and it seriously was the best yoghurt i ever had.
Unfortunatley i can´t find it in germany.

 These photos were taken in Sollere
 I got this yummy Banana Crepe.
Thanks for reading
love always,