28 Jan 2013

Week in Photos 1#

Hello everyone!
I think i will post "MY WEEK IN PHOTOS" now every monday.

 I got this cute backpack at H&M for just 5€
and the collar on the top for 1€ (if you can see it)
 we went to Lübeck and visited the Holstentor
and i found this little potions suit-case.
 Roses from grany

 Before we went to see "The Hobbit"
i took my harry potter book , my iPod and a chocolate to read a bit, i like reading !

 A photo of my lovely pullip .
 new jumper with leather from UO for 12€

i like it but i can´t wear my new dress from monki ...
( i will show you a photo soon)


19 Jan 2013

The inside of my Diary + Emma Watson

it´s me mulle !
here is my diary from the inside ,
just drawings because the written stuff is privat
and german !

i wrote from right to left 

   yes i am silly .... i wrote "brought" :(

have a really nice day and sleep well !
here are some nice photos of the lovely 
Emma Watson ,

i just love her 
bye bye 

8 Jan 2013

My new CANON EOS 600d

Hey i´m back !
I got the Canon eos 600d for x-mas
and here are some of my first photos.

 ok my sister took this one !

my sister got an IPad and now we play Harry Potter LEGO years 5-7 all the time!

Thanks for reading and maybe following !
have a nice day