19 May 2015

Gluten free Haul 1#

Hello everyone!
I hate being so inactive on this blog, but I can´t change that...
School is really stressing me out at the moment.

A few Months ago I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity, which meant that, if I wanted to get rid of the stomach pain, I had to cut gluten out of my diet.
It´s not like coeliac decease and i can´t get cancer. I simply have bad stomach pain and a hard time on the toilet.
Okey, that was awkward...
(I don´t really care what I write on this Blog, because It´s my online diary and I write whatever I feel like)

Last week my family and me went to Sweden and my parents were very nice and treated me to a lot of amazing stuff, I´m willing to try soon.

This is most of the things i got.

I got another muesli, which i already ate this morning so it was downstairs and i forgot about it when i took these photos.
I also got two packs of chocolate covered biscuits with marshmallow cream, which i already finished.

I don´t know why, but it feels like I eat more when i have my own gluten free stuff. I think it´s because I focus on food way more and also enjoy it more (no pain etc.)... you probably didn t unterstand me...
It also makes me feel bad because it´s so expensive.
Okey i don´t want to bore you any longer with my problems. (I may do a post about my disorder idk)

I will also post the Ingredients and Nutritional Information

 This is a porridge pot with golden syrup flavor.
I never had golden syrup before, but I really wanted to try it.

I always have to buy the things with cute and special packaging.

 I´ve had regular digestives before and really (extremely) missed them. Thanks Sweden for having this alternative.

These are my favorite food... seriously.

I don´t remember how many were in the pack so I can´t give you an exact information about the cals etc. for one biscuit.

 How amazing? Cinnamon and apple cookies!!!

I´ve tasted one specifically for this blogpost and I must say these are sooo soooo good.
(okey maybe I am really enjoying these things just because I haven´t had anything like it in a really long time. thanks Germany.)

There are 8 cookies in the pack (150g), so one has 86 calories.
Please correct me if I´m wrong.

 I can actually buy this bread in Germany too but in Sweden it was on offer 2 for one, which is way cheaper.

 Same brand as the porridge pot and beautiful design.

It´s so cool when you finally find a different shape of gluten free pasta then fusilli or penne.

This is, apart from the digestives, my other favorite find.
Quinoa pasta!!!! Do i have to say more?!?

I had gluten free pizza before, but the mix is extremely expensive and it takes way to long to prepare.
These pizza bases are so cool.

 There are 2 in the pack (300g) so one base has 445 calories.

 I´m really looking forward to baking cakes etc. with this flour.

 Arn´t that special, but hard to find in Germany.

 And because i consume lots of beans since becoming gluten intolerant we also bought these.

This post was fun to write and i love taking photos (I´m still learning).
I normaly don´t buy things which contain Palmoil, but I came up whith a rule: I can have/buy everything once only.

Also I want to point out that I´m very very angry at my mother country (Germany) for not having such an amazing assortment of gluten free food.
One more reason to move to Scotland.
(I´ve always wanted to live in Scotland)

Thanks for reading, I would love to read some feedback.
love always,