10 Aug 2015

Summer BBQ

 Dear Friend,
my sister and me decided to do a BBQ Party with all homemade Food.
We invited good friends so we could catch up on the news :P .
Sis and me changed the school so we didn´t see some of the friends for almost a year.

The Weather was perfect, so we could sit outside.

A bit of decoration is always needed.

My dad got us a recipe book by two sisters and it´s called "Mingelmat" it´s in swedish, but we can understand a bit.

I planed what we will prepare a week before and these omlette-rolls with cream cheese and salmon where the ones i picked first.

I also baked my first ever gluten free Bread.
I just used the recipe in the book and substituted the flour for my gluten free mix.

These are Rice-salat boats.
And ofc potaoes with sour cream.

We also had some marinated Chicken, Vegi and normal Sausages.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and i want to thank all of my lovely friends for coming around.

love always,

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