2 Feb 2015

London 2014

Hello Friends,
i know this is late but our computer is so full of stuff that
it is extremely slow and it is no fun uploading pictures...
did it anyways, because i finally got time today.
So last year in december my sister, two of our friends and me
went to london.
Without parents and it was the best time of my life.
Seriously, i´ve never spend that much money and i´ve never been happier :)
I saved for this trip my whole life and now my dream has come true.

we went to Kings cross to see the Harry Potter shop there.

We also went to the Harrods, it was extremely full of people but still fun to visit.

 We found a toy shop which sold so many peppa pigs,
i´ve never seen so many in germany.

 We also visited china town/soho and it was really interesting to look at all the food they sell there... we also got Pocky and Hello Panda there.

And of course we had to go to Pret and Costa (not just one time)

So this was definitely not my last trip to london.
We already planed on going again this year.

love always,

i really want to upload a London Haul post,
but i´m not sure if i can find time to take photos.

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