4 Aug 2014

Summer in Sweden

Hello Friend,
i was in sweden, the last 3 weeks and it was amazing.
The wether was great and me and my sister went swimming
every day.

 Our cat enjoyed sweden as much as we did.

This is a Chicken Burger me and my sister made one day.
No more McDonalds... just kid din´:P

 We were invited to a Birthday-Party of our 70 years old neighbors.

 On one sunday, i made pancakes and we had fresh strawberries with them... perfect.
We also went to Ikea because we wanted a new bed.
So why not have a brunch.

 There is one store in karlskrona that sells "the best" ice cream...
they also make the biggest scoops and bake the waffles them selfs.
I got these tapes at the TIGER store in karlskrona.

We went blueberry picking (is that how you say it?) 

This is the HIGHTLIGHT of our trip to sweden this year.
The Harry Potter Exhibition in Norrköping .

Love always,

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